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My Story - Fertility Food Plan


I am here to serve women that are struggling to conceive naturally and who are ready to take their fertility into their own hands.

I have had my own experience with unexplained infertility, and it was only through a low carb high protein diet that I finally found a way to heal my body and conceive naturally without taking expensive and invasive medical procedures.

Now, as a result of what I learned on my own journey I founded the Fertility Food Plan. I wanted to provide a resource for all of you who are looking to make some positive lifestyle changes through nutrition. I will share with you my delicious low carb high protein recipes as well as tips and techniques on how to be a kitchen warrior.  

Maybe, like me, you were told that medical intervention is the only option. Or maybe you already think you are eating a healthy diet, just like I used to think.

I am here to blow away the smokescreen and show you what a truly healthy diet for fertility actually looks like. I can summarize it in two words:

real food

I am here to show you that you can heal your body through nutrition, and that it isn't as hard or scary as it appears to be.

I am here to show you how to eat to conceive. 

I am here to help you become happy, healthy and pregnant.

How I Want To Help You

COOK A TASTY MEAL, EASILY: Recipes can be either confusing or disappointing - or simply both! It can be so frustrating. This is a recipe resource with delicious, original and and easy to understand recipes that will impress every time.

EXPLORE INGREDIENTS: Packed full of information on a whole cupboard full of ingredients and how they are great for your fertility. Let me guide you on buying, storing, and using all fresh produce as well the fertility super foods like maca and royal jelly.

MEET THE PERFECT MACRONUTRIENT REQUIREMENTS: All my recipes are within the ideal fertility diet macronutrients - carbohydrates that are lower than 40% and protein higher than 25%. You will never need to find another recipe resource.

BE A KITCHEN WARRIOR: For many, the kitchen can be an intimidating environment. It doesn't have to be. I'll show you how to dominate your kitchen, and actually enjoy it!

Rebecca Hyett - Chef, Food Blogger, Mother, Multitasking Pro

I'm Rebecca, and I help people find creative solutions to preparing, cooking, and succeeding on a low carb high protein diet.

I’m a certified and professionally trained chef and have run my own successful and exciting food businesses for the last 9 years. 

My journey to the Fertility Food Plan started when I was trying to conceive my first child. After a year of trying I was feeling frustrated and depressed, but not defeated. Like all women who want children, I wanted to have a natural conception, so I started to research anything and everything to do with fertility.

Through my research on nutrition and fertility I discovered that a low carb high protein diet was having some impressive results on women who are struggling to get pregnant. As an already keen meal planner and chef I used what I was learning to create my own recipes and meal plans that resulted in healing and becoming pregnant. 

Today, I live with my husband, Manuel, on the beautiful Spanish coast with our two children - Florence Peach and Juno Belle. I spend my days writing recipes, food styling, coloring with my daughters and jumping in the cold sea every morning! Life is a dream.

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